The center


The Center for International Relations Studies (CEFIR) is an integral part of the  Political Science Department of the University of Liège (ULg). It is a center that aims to develop knowledge about international issues from both a political science and interdisciplinary perspective. CEFIR has a team with an international profile. Its members come from both the ULg and other Belgian and international academic institutions. English, French and Spanish are the working languages of the Center.




The activities within the CEFIR are varied. Scientific research is a fundamental pillar. The research focuses both on theoretical and empirical issues concerning a set of key areas such as the study of the international projection of emerging powers (Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa, Turkey), South-South cooperation, comparative analysis of regional integration (Mercosur, EU, ASEAN, Alba, SADC, Pacific Alliance, Alena, Can), interregional relations, the role of the European Union on the international stage or the external relations of Latin America. The CEFIR team is working on these issues in the form of doctoral theses, publications in the form of books, and special issues of scientific journals or articles in both collective works and peer-reviewed scientific journals.


CEFIR is also very involved in the organization or co-organization of international conferences, particularly on its priority research topics. It also regularly organizes lectures, inviting high quality speakers from the academic world, from Europe and elsewhere (Brazil, France, Iraq, Canada, China, Uruguay, Argentina or DR Congo), to analyze specific issues in international relations such as supranational regionalism and multilateralism, the project of an International Environmental Criminal Court, the international challenges of the Iraq crisis, the policy implications for Latin America turning left, the fate of the anti-globalization movement, the Syrian crisis, China in Africa, Sino-American relations and the future of regional security organizations in the post-Cold War era.




Finally, in terms of education (teaching), the majority of the CEFIR members provide courses or seminars in the Masters program in International Relations at the Department of Political Science at the ULg. These lectures are often related to their research topics and international events.



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